Black Hereford Crosses are Flashy!

Additional Information

"Black Baldy" is a type of crossbred beef cattle produced by crossing Hereford cattle with a solid black breed, such as Aberdeen Cattle-Angus, resulting in Black Miniature Hereford look alikes.

Cattle Genetics:

Black coat color is dominate over red coat color.

White face (Baldy) gene is dominate over solid colored face. As a result, calves will have some type of white markings (Baldy) on face. 

At Diamond WR Cattle we produce both black and red baldy colors due to our cattles' genetics. Many of our Aberdeen Angus cows carry 1-black coat gene and 1-red coat gene (heterozygous). The cows are black in color because the black gene (B) is dominate over the red gene (b) which is recessive. 

Black (B) is dominant to red (b) so red cattle must have two red (bb) alleles to have a red coat. 

Black cattle can either have two black (BB) alleles (homozygous) or can have a black and a red (Bb) allele (heterozygous). 

Punnett Square for coat color shows when mating a Hereford Bull (homozygous; red-bb) to Aberdeen Angus Cows (heterozygous; black & red-Bb).

Bb= Black Color Coat 50% of calves are black colored.

bb= Red Color Coat 50% of calves are red colored.

Information provided by "Simple Inheritance in Beef Cattle"

Moderator Plus®

Aberdeen percentage cattle (25% to 50%) that are registered with the American Aberdeen Association are Moderator Plus® cattle.  The Aberdeen genetics must be on at least one side of the pedigree. Either the sire or dam (or both) must be registered with the American Aberdeen Association. 

Our "Mini"  Moderator Plus® cattle (Baldies) are the result of crossing  registered American Hereford miniature bulls with our American Aberdeen cows. This breeding will result in Black Hereford "Mini" Crosses. The calves are small and adorable miniature black Hereford look-alikes with few red baldies! 

They are easy to handle and care for, docile and the perfect lawn mowers for small acreage property owners or even pets!

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