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Breed History

The American Aberdeen Cattle Breed has a rich history with its earliest origins coming from Scotland. The original black hornless or “polled” cattle derived its name from the counties of Aberdeenshire and Angus in north-eastern Scotland. 

In 1929, a herd of the Scottish cattle were established at the Trangie Research Centre, on the East Coast of Australia. The herd was sent to provide quality breeding stock for the New South Wales cattle industry. 

However, in 1963, the emphasis at Trangie switched to research. The Australian Meat Research Committee asked the Trangie Research Centre to conduct research on the role of performance recording in the breeding program, weight gain and visual conformation score in the selection of replacement cattle. 

The research continued through the early 1970’s pioneering performance testing. Then in 1974, the research at Trangie turned to the evaluation and selection for growth rate on herd profitability with the goal to establish whether large or small animals were more efficient converters of grass into meat. 

The program detailed and compared weight gain, feed intake, reproductive performance, milk production, carcass yield and quality, and structural soundness of the cattle. The best cattle for the desired traits were selected from the research and the Aberdeen herd became closed off to other cattle.   After 15 years of selective breeding the herd stabilized into the breed characteristics of the American Aberdeen Cattle know today!

Information provided by American Aberdeen Association 


The American Aberdeen Association describes the cattle as easy calving, good natured and very feed efficient on grass or pasture. They are docile, friendly and easy to manage and handle. 

American Aberdeen cattle are the perfect choice for small acreage and property owners in both suburban and rural areas. Many counties in Texas and other states allow owners to take advantage of agricultural exemptions on property taxes due to owning and/or raising these moderate cattle.

The breed is ideal as show animals for 4-H and other youth projects. Not only do they teach youth animal husbandry, but youth learn responsibility and the enjoyment for caring for animals.

For the Following Reasons...


Black & Red American Aberdeen Cattle

All cattle registered with the American Aberdeen Association trace their ancestry back to the Trangie Research Center in Australia (the original Aberdeen Angus from Scotland, purchased from Canada.)

Easy Calving

American Aberdeen Calf

Smaller sized newborn calves result in low assistance required at calving time.

American Aberdeen cows make excellent mothers and raise healthy, well-developed calves. 


American Aberdeen Genetics Free from dwarf gene.

American Aberdeen cattle are free of known genetic defects, including the

dwarf gene . They are moderate size and smaller than other cattle breeds naturally.

Property Tax Exemptions

Property Tax exemptions
Farm Agricultural

American Aberdeen cattle are the perfect choice for small acreage owners. Many counties in Texas and other states allow owners to take advantage of agricultural exemptions on property taxes. 

(Check with your local County Tax Office)

Youth Projects

American Aberdeen Youth Projects 4H FFA Animal Husbandry Skills

Youth Projects teach young people animal husbandry; including the responsibility and enjoyment of caring for animals. American Aberdeen cattle are ideal show animals for 4-H and other youth projects.  


Climate Adaptability

American Aberdeen cattle are adaptable for any climate.

American Aberdeen cattle are very adaptable to hotter climates or extremely cold climates.  Depending on the ambient conditions, their hair growth is thick for insulation or slick for cooling.  Aberdeen Angus have black and red coat colors. 

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